Walk the Talk

This is a community-based initiative that seeks to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support for people marginalised in society.

We have helped men and women involved in the criminal justice system, victims of domestic violence, and those with long term drug and/or alcohol issues. To some we have provided furniture, food and household items and assistance in attending meetings and court hearings. We visit and write letters to people in prison, and give support for prisoners’ families. We also provide informal mentoring for those with addictions.

The team has supported 28 people or families in this year.  This figure compares with 21 people in 2011 and 27 in 2012. The support offered ranges from a coffee and a chat once a week to regular mentoring meetings to assist people to change their attitudes, thinking and behaviour.

During this year two members of the team left the area. However one other person has become part of the team. Dee and Steve have gained a Certificate in Substance Misuse Care & Counseling through Life for the World and accredited by the University of Gloucester.

One man was in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, lapsed into alcohol use. With our support he was enabled to regain his recovery, is now employed, in a long term relationship and has been drug/alcohol free for over a year.

If you need help from our Community Action Team or would like to arrange an informal initial chat then please leave a message at the King’s Centre Office on 01404 43800, or email office@tcch.org.uk. All inquiries will be treated as confidential.