Many Hands

Many Hands aims to assist individuals both inside and outside the church with practical helps such as gardening, decorating, moving house and general DIY.

Many Hands comprises a group of enthusiastic individuals who are ready and willing for their skills can be put to good use helping others who, for one reason or another, are unable to complete the job themselves.

Our labour comes free of charge. We even provide our own tools and equipment, and have appropriate public liability insurance. We take each case on its merits. In most cases the client will provide materials, however these costs may be subsidised in exceptional circumstances. ‘Many Hands’ operates primarily in the Honiton/Ottery area.

If you need help from our Community Action Team or would like to arrange an informal initial chat then please leave a message at our office, The King’s Centre  on 01404 43800, or email All inquiries will be treated as confidential.