The Community Church

What our Sunday mornings look like…

Our meetings usually last 90 mins

Due to the government guidelines, all guests must arrive at 10:00 am for the briefing at 10:20 am! Our Sunday meetings start at 10.30 am in both Sidmouth and Honiton.

You will be welcomed in by the morning host. He or she will explain what will be happening in the morning.

All guests will be observing the Livestream from Youtube on the large cinema screen.

Yes, a talk will be given over the Livestream. A preacher will speak for about 30mins. We teach truth from the Bible and how to apply it to life.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings and you can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable. Don’t feel like you have to dress up to attend, wear whatever you feel comfortable. Numbers are limited due to the government guidelines, so please book a place, by pressing HERE