What our Sunday mornings look like…

Our meetings usually last 90 mins

You can turn up as soon as we start if you like! Our Sunday meetings start at 10.00am in the Sidmouth site and 10.30am in the Honiton site. Most new visitors find it helpful to turn up half an hour earlier so you can grab a coffee and meet the welcome team.

You will be welcomed in by the mornings host. He or she will explain what will be happening in the morning.

There will be a time of worship where members of the congregation are able to worship/sing songs freely. The congregation is also encouraged to come to the front and speak with the host if they feel stirred by God to share a prayer or bring a word of wisdom to the church.

At a point in the meeting a short notice will be given to the parents to inform them the childrens work will be starting. An offering/tithe is taken by the church, but you are under no obligation to give. There is a small time of prayer, church video notices of latest events and activities. The preacher will give a sermon, then after the sermon more worship and a time for prayer ministry to respond to the preach.

At the end of the service tea and coffee will be served.

Yes, there is a talk. A person will speak for about 30mins. We teach truth from the Bible and how to apply it to life. At the end of the meeting, there is normally an opportunity to respond to what has been shared either through singing again or receiving prayer.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings and you can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable. Don’t feel like you have to dress up to attend, wear whatever you feel comfortable. Please stay around to chat over a tea or coffee after the meeting has finished, or go to the Welcome Desk if you have any questions.