Our Community Groups are changing

As a church, we are committed to building Community, to Discipleship and to Mission and we believe that midweek groups can help us in all 3 areas. In fact, as the church grows it becomes increasingly important to have small groups to provide a setting outside of Sundays where we can develop friendships, care for one another and take part in worship, prayer & discussion.

Perhaps more than in any other season, over the past couple of years our Community Groups have provided us with a means of connecting and our fantastic group leaders have helped us support one another through very difficult, uncertain and isolating times. However, as we have regathered we have realised that quite a number of our Community Groups are struggling and a number of leaders have asked for a well-earned break. Therefore, we need to make some changes, at least for a season. 

Following discussions with the current group leaders, our current groups (8 of them) will close and then in Sept/Oct we will be launching 4 larger groups meeting as below:

Day Leaders Location
1 Tuesday evening James & Hannah Adkins Meadow View, Honiton
2 Wednesday morning Mike & Sheila Allen Meadow View, Honiton
3 Wednesday evening Jenny Birks, Paul & Helen Smith Meadow View, Honiton
4 Thursday evening Chris & Colin I’Anson, Julia & David Scott-Perry Ottery St Mary

Also, to make things more accessible for everyone without too much pressure on individual leaders, the groups will meet on alternate weeks and will typically follow the monthly plan below:

Week  1 Group meal/social Food, fun and friendship
Week  2 Church prayer & worship evening Gathering as a church to worship, praise & pray (this used to be the 3rd week of the month)
Week  3 Group Bible study Digging into the scriptures together
Week 4 Outreach week Space for us all to intentionally connect with friends and neighbours outside the church
Week 5 (where applicable) To be confirmed

There have been many different approaches to midweek / small groups and there is no ‘right’ model but our hope is that people can find a group that works for them. Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to attend a group very often, please still sign up as they will be a key means of communication and pastoral care. 

Please register your preference below before Weds 31 August. 

If you have any questions, do get in touch with Adrian at office@thecommunitychurch.co.uk